Linda McCallum


Turning Limited Thoughts into Enlightened Possibilities


Let your desire be a rocket of wonder as you  build a model of it with your imagination, and every day practice the joy of experiencing  your creation! 

Personal Alchemy

My insights come from a unique gift I have nurtured over the past 40 years.  This gift allows me to tune into your Spirit and Soul for guidance, insight and direction.

In our sessions, we may also explore my Akashic Record (Soul) interpretations, which reveal themes of your repetitive choices and patterns of behavior that you have carried forward and are now ready to understand and  forgive, to claim your wisdom for personal freedom.

My Spiritual Interpretations do not take away the challenges you have experienced, nor insist that I know for you.Your challenges may provide the portal for your profound enlightenment!  It is through this understanding and compassion, that you may experience a new whisper of freedom and joy, gained from re-framing beliefs for your transformation and wisdom. 

By being present with your heart opening, you are ready to evaluate from a deeper understanding the nature of reality and your power to create it. A new You unfolds with choices and adventures that had not been known before… now with a true acceptance of  your power, a Personal Alchemy has bloomed the inner joy you have longed to know.

As Love of Self opens your heart, 
You are Free to Be a new You…. 


When you become aware of the Infinite Consciousness you already possess, you will jump for joy!


 I offer my guidance and wisdom for your empowerment.