Linda McCallum


Turning Limited Thoughts into Enlightened Possibilities


  • ​Ever Beyond Radio Round Table discussion on healing Ancient Trauma, Healers Linda McCallum, Sharry Edwards and Rebecca Jernigan share their unique perspectives.
  • ​Linda is interviewed by Alexis Brooks from Higher Journeys on The Alchemy of Life. Linda shares with her audience why she calls her work, "Personal Alchemy" which changes limited thoughts into enlightened possibilities. November 11, 2015
  • Heart to Heart with Simon Parkes​Linda interviews Simon in a revealing sharing for insights into there behind the scenes in World Gevernments and the Alien influences. ​September 20, 2015
  • Linda McCallum speaks at the "Women of Honor" Symposium, live at the Triad Theater. Linda invites you into her experience as a woman in her journey Honor. June 20. 2015 

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