Linda McCallum


Turning Limited Thoughts into Enlightened Possibilities


"I am a Psychotherapist in private practice since 1983. I have sent my clients to Linda for the past 15 years. Whenever I get the feeling that something important is hidden from my view, I have recommended to my clients, a session with Linda. I offer to be present during their meeting in my office for a video Skype session or to communicate with Linda privately on their own.
Once the client makes their appointment, I send Linda my questions and alert her to where I see the sticking points. Linda sends both the client and me a CD of their session. After listening and taking notes, I am able to weave Linda's insights into the ongoing therapy for deeper revelations and healing.                                                                                                                                                        
I have learned so much. I find it most fascinating to gain this deeper understanding of my patients complex patterning through her intuitive revelations.
I highly recommend working with Linda. The quality of her work is consistent and awesome. She knows how to focus exactly on the place where you are blind to lift the veils. She is down to earth, highly compassionate and tough at the same time. She engages people to see the truth that had been hidden from their view."

Dr Gabriel Hilberg 

"The essence of Linda McCallum cannot be captured within the three dimensional world. Alternative universes must be conjured in order to contain the thought of her. She is just that way. That is why they call her Cosmos.
So, imagine an alternative allegorical world in which all of wisdom and insight can only be stated in the form of equations, and only the mathematicians are capable of doing the final calculations. Imagine Linda McCallum as the Great Mathematician, and you go to her, having figured out that the insight and wisdom that applies to you can be stated as the equation of 2 plus 2. You have asked other mathematicians to do the calculations you present, and they are unanimous in advising you that your equations sum is 4.
Linda tells you the answer is 9. 9? Yes,9. You scratch your head, perplexed- until she shows you that your form of equation omitted the other 5 elements you hadn't thought of. As soon as she tells you this, you realize the error of your ways. Instantly you recognize that the other 5 elements were there, right before your eyes, but all-the-while un-noticed by you. At this moment you also become aware that this is the reason you have come to her, above all the other mathematicians in the land. Your 2+2 turns out to equal 9. Well and good. You go away happier and wiser."

Harry Youtt
Poet, Teacher, Lecturer

"I was very fortunate to be introduced to Linda while visiting and studying in the US a few years ago. Since then I have sought her counsel a number of times. She always provides me with profoundly insightful guidance, clarity and direction in a direct but gentle non-judgmental manner.

I am always amazed at her ability to immediately get to the deeper part of herself to offer her guidance in contrast to consulting  a coach or therapist.

I highly recommend her services whether you want clarity around a challenge or would just like to know and understand yourself better."


"In my lifelong quest for personal growth, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best healers, spiritual advisers, astrologers and psychotherapists over the past 30 years. But my first session with Linda blew me away! It left me reeling. She got so deep into my core in the first few minutes, that I felt she was inside my head, and communicating directly with my Soul. And that is what she does.
Linda has guided me to change my life. In fact "change" is too small of a word. Linda guided me through a rebirth and Spiritual awakening, and I continue to delve more deeply with her.
It is difficult to describe what a session is like, and many of my friends have asked. "What does she do?" Linda meets each of her clients where they are in their evolution, so there is no need to "prepare" for a session.
Linda is challenging and firm, while simultaneously gentle and loving. And she has a gift of explaining things in the most articulate way. It is not easy to describe emotionally difficult issues, especially those with a long complicated history. But she always gets it right away,Her intuitive prowess is one of the keenest I  have ever encountered.
Quite simply, Linda has helped me to become aware that I have been seeking freedom my whole life- sometimes consciously, and often unconsciously. I believe we are all ultimately seeking freedom, and now that I have a taste of it, I have a bottomless desire for more. I am working to expand this sense of freedom so that I will continue to express even more truth of who I really am. I know the process of becoming free and unblocked will enable me to fulfill my purpose for being here this time around. I would never have made this much progress in such a short period of time without Linda's guidance.

Public Relations Director


"This past may, I was in a very dark place. I had no idea of what to do next, so for the first time, the only thing I did was pray, to the Universe, asking for help- I couldn't do it on my own anymore. I needed a teacher, a guru, a mentor, someone ahead of me who could bypass my clever defenses and protection devices. A few weeks later, a dear friend of mine gave me a session with Linda for my birthday. Hallelujah! Six months later, four sessions under my belt. and I will never be the same! (in a good way) Linda is the real deal! She is truly gifted and graciously shares those gifts with a sincere and genuine desire to help you to live your best life, and reach your highest potential. I have been a "seeker" my whole life and now know that when the student is really ready, the teacher appears. Get ready!"​

Stephanie Matz
Writer, Counselor

As a hypnotherapist and an energy healer, I am aware that my clients' presenting issues may not be the underlying root of the problem. I often turn to Linda McCallum to intuit what the client may not even know themselves. When I reflect Linda's account to them, they are invariably quick to recognize its truth in their lives. Then I can help them shift it and re-frame it, or let it go so that healing can take place. Linda's insights have been deeply vitally useful and profound in our work of helping people, one at a time, remember who they are and find deeper meaning and inner peace.

Judith Simon Prager PhD.
Hypnotherapist, Author