Linda McCallum


Turning Limited Thoughts into Enlightened Possibilities


 ​Linda McCallum aka Cosmos

For the past 40 years I have offered my services to my clients as an Intuitive Counsel.

My career  began as an Astrologer for 18 years with clients primarily from the Entertainment Industry,  Eventually my practice expanded to include a wonderfully diverse international clientele.

For the last 25 years my opportunity has been to offer my counsel to my clients for their 
healing of their Body, Mind and Spirit through a process that is inspired by my intuitive abilities and the tools that I have gained that have greatly assisted me in my personal evolution. This Personal Alchemy celebrates a return to the experience of Divine Love and the acceptance of the unlimited consciousness that is our birth right for Freedom! 

I also have participated in unique events offering the wisdom I have gained to a larger audience through lectures, interviewing, Blog Talk Radio and co-hosting Webinars with other gifted people and organizations. Exploring new ideas with you is always my intent for our awakening.

​I experienced being an Entrepreneur for 9 years as the Co-owner of Classy Custom Inc.  Producing this award winning Patented Pet door with unique accessories, introduced me to actual experiences in manufacturing, design, acquiring a Patent, sales, marketing and working with China. And of course, I also experienced the highs and lows of the roller coaster ride of being an Entrepreneur! 

For many years I have been a student of RSE. This is a unique Academy of Mind and Spirit. Knowledge is given through teachings combined with disciplines to evoke the personal experiences of the teachings. These studies assisted me greatly in opening me to experiencing the magnificence of our Human potential. 

Graduate Cal State University Northridge CA