Linda McCallum


Turning Limited Thoughts into Enlightened Possibilities

*Payment can be made by:

  •  Credit card
  •  PayPal
  •  Cash

Personal Alchemy Sessions

Each Session is approximately 1 hour

1 Session                                   Price:  $ 200

3 Sessions                                 Price:  $500

Transformational Series

 of  6  Sessions*                        Price: $1000

*There are patterns of emotional attitudes

that are deeply layered in the psyche. In these 

instances a series of sessions will assist in rewiring Brain patterns and the capacity to expand awareness for new choices. 

With each of our Sessions we can go deeper into your programming of how you view your self and your life. Building on the power of presence and a deeper understanding of who you really are,  you can  begin to dispel your fears and doubts by discovering the "Greater You".

You will begin to realize that you have always had the power to create true personal happiness and fulfillment. By helping you to open your Heart once again, you will discover that the gateway to your Soul and Self Love awaits you.....This is your Personal Alchemy....

Session Recordings

All sessions can be recorded as an audio file for you to listen to it at your leisure. I offer your file by  DropBox  or will provide you with an mp3 file or an audio CD as a Gift. 

Sessions are welcomed:

  • in Person 
  • via Phone
  • via Skype
  • via Google Hangout and Facetime